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An OTG or Convection Microwave Oven: What to Purchase for a Kitchen?

Whilst you visit the market to purchase an oven for baking at home, there are plenty of models that you need to go through before making the final decision. A majority of people often tend to confuse between an OTG and a microwave oven owing to their similar appearance and a few identical operations. Today, we are going to differentiate the two for clearing the air of queries people tend to have in their minds.

What is an OTG?

An OTG or Oven Toaster is fundamentally a minor version of a customary oven. It makes use of the heated coils to prepare the meals and doesn’t require a lot of setting up. The OTGs have been equipped with a thermostat that assists in regulating the temperature which makes sure that the food is properly heated and cooked.

What is a Convection Microwave?

This type of oven is more urbane as compared to the standard microwave and comes with several added features on top of boiling and reheating. As the name proposes, it makes use of microwaves to prepare delicious meals, which consumes less time to prepare the food. You might be able to bake delightful cakes and cookies deprived of any hassle utilizing any microwave oven.

What is the Difference Between a Microwave Oven & an OTG?

Either you prefer heating the food, making cakes, or baking cookies, both microwave oven and OTG can prove to be quite helpful. On the other hand, relying on the usage, you might effortlessly comprehend the difference amongst a microwave oven or an OTG. By distinguishing these disparities, you might be able to make an appropriate decision to purchase either one of both the appliances for the kitchen.

Let’s now differentiate the microwave ovens and OTGs factor by factor to help you choose an appliance that would suit your budget as well as requirements:


The Oven Toaster Grill makes use of the electric coils to heat the food placed inside it whereas the microwave ovens utilize the electromagnetic waves that make the food particles oscillate for heating them.

Heat distribution

As far as the distribution of heat is concerned, the OTGs don’t tend to allocate heat to the food in an even manner. However, the microwave ovens utilize the electromagnetic waves that offer a uniform distribution of heat to prepare your recipes.


The Superlative Advantages of Installing an Electric Kitchen Chimney

The electric kitchen chimney is an electric fan that tends to hang over a gas stove inside your kitchen, which would help keep fumes, odor, heat, and steam at bay. These kitchen chimneys assist in keeping your kitchen out of gases that are discharged during cooking and extract the grease present in the air. It offers proper aeration to the gas, smoke, and other vapors that are at large inside your kitchen.

The electric chimneys are also known as the cooker hood, exhaust hood, extractor hood, etc. The modular kitchens look pretty stylish and turn cooking fairly simple and quick. Therefore, kitchen chimneys are one of the essential tools to have in a modular kitchen.

Electric Kitchen Chimney – Advantages

Safeguards the Walls

Your kitchen’s ceiling and wall may turn black in a small time frame. Owing to the superior suction capacity, these kitchen chimneys eradicate all the fumes and assist in protecting the kitchen walls and roof. To preserve the kitchen chimney’s performance, one requires cleaning it every 3 to 4 weeks.

Smell-Free House

The electric chimneys grasp the odors and vapors produced whilst cooking food inside the kitchen and keep your house free from smell and fumes.

Prevents Sneezing

You can easily avert sneezing whilst you cook spicy food recipes inside the kitchen when you install an electric chimney. The electric kitchen chimney’s superior suction capacity assists in keeping away all the fumes from spices and inhibits sneezing.

Cleaning the Indoor Air

The electric chimney eliminates all the toxic gases and pollutants from the kitchen. All the types of gases that emanate whilst cooking food may be injurious when inhaled by anyone in your house. Solely by pressing a button, all such fumes and particles get sucked up by the electric kitchen chimney. It assists in keeping a check on the development of germs and bacteria inside your kitchen that might give rise to health issues. Hence, installing an electric chimney is the finest manner to battle against the poor quality of air in your household to help your family breathe easier.

Different Types of Toasters to Buy on the Online Market

Since we distinguish the fact that a toaster is utilized to brown loaves of bread using heat; these are classified into 3 kinds, which are namely pop-up toaster, toaster ovens, and conveyer belt toaster.  Here we are introducing 3 types of toasters that you may choose to buy this festive season as per your preference and needs to experience an amazing snack time together with your family and friends.

Pop-Up Bread Toaster

A pop-up toaster is a common appliance that you might perceive in every single kitchen. It is a really prevalent and effective product to bring home for added convenience. They are frequently known as the automatic toasters in which the sliced loaves of bread are inserted in the vertical orientation in the provided slots. As soon as you switch it on, the toaster is triggered and achieves the selected level of browning to deliver the best results.

Considering the 2-slice pop-up toasters are even further prevalent when compared to the 4-slice variants owing to their design. Coming to the power ratings, the pop-up toasters utilize around 600-1200W that you may choose as per your preference.

Conveyer Belt Bread Toaster

In case you desire using a toaster commercially, then choosing the Conveyer Belt Toaster would be a decent choice. It is customarily present in the bakeries and fast food joints.

For example, whenever you power on the toaster, the heat is generated at both bottom and top ends and the conveyer belt keeps moving to deliver the browned or toasted pieces of bread. Whilst the bread comes to the end of the conveyer belt it instantly drops inside the feeder. Thereon, you may fetch it as per your liking.

Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven is an electronic appliance that comprises a wire rack, front door, and a removable baking pan. Considering the toasting process, the bread slices are positioned parallel on its rack and switches off spontaneously when the browning is done.

They’re quite proficient in executing the cooking processes in addition to the electric ovens but not a smaller scale. Using this appliance, you may toast your bread using different types of toppings.